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Tool-Ready Power

Say goodbye to the noisy and smelly petrol generators. Our silent Airbase series offers a more pleasant and environmentally friendly work environment.

Heavy-Duty Performance

With the capacity to power circular saws for 3 hours and drills for over 10 hours, tackle any job with confidence.

Portable and Lightweight

Designed with the tradesman in mind, our generators are easy to transport to any outdoor worksite, reducing strain and saving time.

Enduring Energy

Built for the long haul, our generators ensure you have a reliable power source for the entire workday.

Swappable Battery System

Extend your productivity with our swappable battery feature. Simply exchange a depleted module with a charged one and keep the job going without any power interruption.

Advanced Battery Safety

Featuring semi-solid state batteries that are resistant to fire and damage—even passing the drill test—With IP55 water and dust proof, ensures you a safe workplace.