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About Us

Welcome to Decarbon Venture, a leader in Disruptive Energy Storage Technology

Decarbon Venture is proud to be leading the charge to a new energy future.  Born from the ambition to displace outdated, noisy, and polluting gas generators, we've created a silent, eco-conscious alternative that's an industry game changer.

The  mobile solution that we have developed is redefining the landscape of solar power stations.

Our Journey

Necessity is the mother of invention.  Decarbon Venture evolved from the need to create a more mobile, modular ecosystem of sustainable energy storage.  This meant iterating and innovating.  Searching out the most distruptive new battery technology, and developing this further into a practical, market ready solution.  We've rapidly evolved into a market leader in innovation, continually breaking new ground with our swappable power modules that have extended their reach to e-bikes and e-boats.

Our Products

Leading the charge are our flagship solar generators, the Aibase Duo and Airbase Quad. They epitomise our philosophy of practical, sustainable and future proof technology, with their unique swappable design, forming the cornerstone of a growing ecosystem that promises unmatched convenience and adaptability. These units are at the heart of a modular energy approach, granting users the power to mobilize energy in unprecedented ways.
We envisage a future where clean energy is the norm. Decarbon Venture is committed to forging the path towards this future with intuitive, eco-efficient solutions. We aim to simplify not just energy storage but entire lifestyles, adventures, and businesses, propelling them forward with zero emissions.

Our Commitment

Our pledge at Decarbon Venture is to a cleaner, sustainable tomorrow. Our swappable power modules, designed with the consumer's ease in mind, represent a leap forward in user-friendly energy solutions. Our goal extends beyond our initial products to instigate a paradigm shift in energy storage and consumption across multiple sectors.

Use Cases

Our energy solutions are versatile and tailored for a wide array of applications:

  • Off-Grid Living: Experience true autonomy with reliable power that makes off-grid living seamless and comfortable.
  • Caravans & RVs: Keep your journey smooth and uninterrupted with portable power that travels with you.
  • Marine & Yachting: Enjoy the serenity of the sea with clean, silent power for all your marine adventures.
  • Backup Power: Be prepared and stay powered during outages with dependable energy storage.
  • Outdoor Activities & Events: Power your outdoor events and adventures without a single cord to the grid.
  • EV Backup: Extend your electric vehicle's range with confidence, knowing you have the backup you need.

Join Us

With Decarbon Venture, step into a world where your power source is as mobile and flexible as you are. Whether you're at home, on the road, or setting sail, our solutions ensure that you have the reliable and efficient energy you need. Join us as we lead the charge towards a smarter, sustainable energy storage era. Live boundlessly with Decarbon Venture.