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Prolonged Anchoring

With our advanced solar generators and additional power modules, anchor for over a week without the need for shore power, letting you enjoy uninterrupted tranquillity at sea.

Solar Efficiency

Absorb the sun's rays to keep your batteries topped up while you sail, using our efficient solar recharge system designed for the marine environment.

Stay Connected Globally

Our AC output is robust enough to power satellite internet systems like Starlink, providing you with reliable internet access in even the most remote waters.

Optimized for Marine Performance

The lightweight nature of our generators is a boon for yachts and sailboats, where every kilogram matters, ensuring no compromise on your boat’s performance.

Ample Onboard Power

Engineered to meet all your onboard needs, our generators can handle the full range of appliances, from navigation equipment to kitchen conveniences, with ease.

Advanced Battery Safety

Featuring semi-solid state batteries that are resistant to fire and damage—even passing the drill test—our generators offer unmatched safety and peace of mind. With IP55 water and dust proof, ensures you a safety environment onboard.