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Conserve Space

You don't have to give up a garage parking spot for Multiple Inverters and Batteries as large as the main unit; we just need a corner of a room, and with enough Power Modules, you can power up your house for an extended period of time during a black out.

Decarbon & Long Lasting

With our advanced technology and excellent quality assurance. Our battery has a long lifespan with 3000 charge cycles, after which it falls to 80% capacity but is still usable. It reduces waste as the Power Module chassis is small.

Next-Gen Battery

A semi-solid-state lithium-ion battery is made up of a solid-state electrolyte and a semi-solid electrode (Polymer), which helps to improve the overall performance of the battery. It has advantages over older highly flammable liquid electrolytes batteries such as LFP/LiFePO4 batteries not only because it is safer, but also because it is significantly lighter and smaller due to its better energy density. It also has a longer cycle life. 3000 charging cycles and still 80% capacity.

Safety of our Battery

Illustration of the inert nature of our semi solid state battery technology, even if you drill a hole in it, it will not ignite, do NOT attempt this with a traditional Lithium battery.