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Potent Energy Supply

With a robust 3000W output, our Airbase Duo and Airbase Quad solar generators effortlessly run your household appliances – from fridges to washing machines.

Extended Comfort

Equipped with a 3600Wh (300Amp) capacity in the Duo or a massive 7200Wh (600Amp) in the Quad, enjoy over 6 to 12 hours of air conditioning, ensuring cool, restful nights.

Silent Operation

Experience peace and quiet with our silent machines, a stark contrast to the din of traditional gas generators – tranquillity prevails in your living space.

Eco-Friendly Ecosystem

In times of crisis, our integrated ecosystem of e-bikes and e-boats powered by our solar generators becomes indispensable, offering sustainable transportation options.

Extended E-Bike Range

With solar-generated electricity, our e-bikes can cover distances up to 150km, providing reliable and eco-conscious travel during power outages or fuel shortages.

E-Boat Durability

Should flooding occur, our robust e-boats, powered by the Power Module, ensure up to 3 hours of continuous operation at max speed, facilitating evacuation and access to vital resources.