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Reliable Power for Production

For photography, video production, and wedding shoots, where power is critical, the DCV Airbase solar generators provide the high output you need to keep your creativity flowing without interruption.

Swappable Power Modules

Our swappable battery modules ensure that you can keep shooting for as long as you need, with minimal downtime. When one module runs low, simply swap it out for a fully charged one and continue capturing those perfect moments. Power Modules can use as standalone power bank with USB outputs.

High Output for Heavy Demand

The DCV Airbase is designed to handle the demands of multiple lighting setups and high-energy equipment, ensuring that you can power a variety of devices simultaneously.

Silent and Eco-Friendly

Maintain the ambiance of your set or event with our silent generators that won't disrupt audio recordings or intimate settings, all while keeping your production green.

Portable and Versatile

The lightweight and compact design of our solar generators means you can easily take them to any location, providing the flexibility needed in dynamic shooting environments.