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There are loads of solar batterys for a lot cheaper that do the exact same thing for a cheaper price?
We use semi-solid state batteries, which have a higher production cost but provide a safer, lighter, and better energy density, allowing us to make our product much lighter and smaller than others on the market. Also cheaper one doesn't come with app controls from afar, simply just a battery, and doesn't built to last long.
What exactly "Semi" means in your semi-solid state battery?

Our semi-solid state battery uses 90% semi-solid (in gel form) electrode, we can actually called it Solid state battery.

Can you connect extra batteries llike other brands?
Our batteries are modular (1800Wh each), you can get extra batteries to swap in as needed. We don't need our customers to connect and set up another main unit's size of batteries for more storage, not just producing more waste but it's much easier to increase capacity and conserve space.
How many starting and runny watts?
The DCV Airbase Duo can delivers 3000 watts continuous power and can deliver up to 3200W of peak power @230v. The DCV Airbase Quad 6000W continous power and 7000W peak power @230v.
Where are you?
We are Australia based, but we also have teams in UK, US and Asia.
Please stop calling batteries, generators. It doesn’t generate power it stores it for use later. the solar panel is generating it, lol. Your product is just storing it still.
In principal you are correct! i.e. we do not generate solar power haha! However the reason we refer to our product as a solar generator is because it is an ideal replacement for a traditional petrol or gas powered generator.. i.e. it includes all of the components of a traditional petrol generator to provide AC mains electricity to power devices… i.e. a powerful pure sine wave inverter, a comprehensive battery management solution, an MPPT solar charge controller and modular semi solid state batteries to store the energy captured from the sun. It’s a bit of a blurred definition, but calling this a “solar generator” or a “solar powered generator” is a lot shorter simpler than explaining all of that above. And it also happens to be how a lot of other companies describe their products as well.
How long does it take to charge with solar panels?
900w solar panels for 4 hours for duo, 2000w for 4 hours for quad.
Can it charge an EV?
Yes, it can be stored in the trunk on long drives for emergency charging.
Can we charge the power modules without the main unit?
Yes we have a AC charger (bought separately) to charge them.
Can we use it as Uninterruptible power supply?
Yes, you can use this as a UPS continual power system.
The chemistry of battery?
Polymer lithium ion, high nickel ternary. We use a newer gen battery (semi-solid state), it has higher power/energy density, which is lighter and smaller than traditional LFP/LiFePO4 battery.
How does a semi-solid state have way more capacity at 3600 wh and weigh less than a pure solid state battery with only 2611 wh (Yoshino Power B4000)? Isn't semi-solid state not as good as pure solid state because pure solid state has higher energy density and thus should weigh less?
Every company has a different design direction, our semi solid state battery is 90% solid state, I think pure solid state battery doesn't exist yet. We did a lot of improvement in the past to get it to this stage.
What makes you guys different?
First of all, we use semi-solid state batteries, which have a high energy density, making our machines much lighter and smaller. The battery modular design allows you to replace an empty battery with a fresh one easily, resulting in increased capacity limitlessly. The power module (battery) can also be plugged in directly to power our other growing products, such as our DCV ebike with a range of 150km and DCV eboat that travels at maximum speed of 3 hours.
The batteries are what kind lead acid,nickel cadmium, or lithmium ?
Polymer lithium ion, high nickel ternary. We use a newer gen battery (semi-solid state), it has higher power/energy density, which is lighter and smaller than traditional LFP/LiFePO4 battery.
Not sure how much power your going to get with hazy sky's.
the solar will still work under shade or on a cloudy day, but efficiency will decrease. Our product also supports AC/DC charging, the Airbase Duo (3600Wh) AC 3000W fast charge can charge 90% in an hour.