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Light Weight

Our solar generators are 50% lighter than others with the same power storage capacity, and we are significantly smaller. Reducing your load and fuel consumption while saving space. Making them perfect companions for life on the move.

Rapid Recharge

With fast charging capabilities, our generators go from empty to full in no time, minimizing downtime and maximizing adventure.

Solar Charging on the Move

Harness the power of the sun to recharge while you travel, ensuring a constant supply of green energy and reducing the need for external power sources.

Versatile Energy

Both AC and DC outputs are available to cater to all your caravan or RV needs, with no complex wiring required—simply plug and play.

Expand Your Adventure

The power modules can directly empower our e-bike for up to 150km or an e-boat for 3 hours of non-stop cruising at max speed, adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey.