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Need to power your essentials while camping?

Airbase Duo light weight design 22kg with 3600Wh capacity, solution for car camping power.

Working remotely without access to power grid?

Airbase Duo has an output power of 3200W@240V and 2800W@120V, making it ideal for powering heavy-duty tools while working off-grid.

Next-Gen Battery

A semi-solid-state lithium-ion battery is made up of a solid-state electrolyte and a semi-solid electrode (Polymer), which helps to improve the overall performance of the battery. It has advantages over older highly flammable liquid electrolytes batteries such as LFP/LiFePO4 batteries not only because it is safer, but also because it is significantly lighter and smaller due to its better energy density. It also has a longer cycle life. 3000 charging cycles and still 80% capacity.

Safety of our Battery

Illustration of the inert nature of our semi solid state battery technology, even if you drill a hole in it, it will not ignite, do NOT attempt this with a traditional liquid electrolytes Lithium battery.

Design & Technology

Our goal is to keep the Airbase Solar Generator simple and engaging. Using cutting-edge AI technology, the managing system optimises the cooling fan speed and charging speed based on the climate and environment, ensuring the unit is working at peak performance.

DCV app

It's all starts with the users, we understand the importance of simplicity. Making use of all the latest technology, DCV app lets the user to control everything and communicate seamlessly with your unit. Managing energy inputs and outputs even when you are remote. With real-time weather forecast, the Solar Visualiser tells the best time of Solar, direction and angle of the panel.